Custom Portrait Keychains

Made with a photo of your horse!

Other animals can occasionally be accommodated, feel free to ask :) 

 Due to the super custom nature of these, they are not available to order on the website... you MUST contact us to order. You can email us or text 940-268-7116.


$60 without fringe, $70 with single color fringe (2 colors adds $5). Fringe color options can be found hereWe will need the picture you want us to use and any fringe selections. Profile (side view) pictures are highly preferred. We can make adjustments to photos such as straightening a horse's ears, etc. Laser engraved names, dates, logos, small wording etc. are available on the back. Pricing is usually around $5 depending on what you want. These are so fun and make a great gift for yourself or someone you love! Other animals may be available upon request (cow, goat, pig, etc.)


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